Project Management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. A project is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables), undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value. The temporary nature of projects stands in contrast with business as usual (or operations), which are repetitive, permanent, or semi-permanent functional activities to produce products or services. In practice, the management of these two systems is often quite different, and as such requires the development of distinct technical skills and management strategies.

At project execution stage, IPMS will help your organization to develop its Project Management Capability with a systems review, finding what's right for your business, rather than forcing you into prescriptive ways.

Specifying the needs of a project and accordingly providing effective distribution of roles and responsibilities adequately for existing organizations is essential. Consequently, a realistic approach will be possible for determination of needs and requirements.

IPMS focuses on identifying resources and training since this part is often overlooked or underestimated but the success of a new initiative critically depends on it. IPMS provides a full know-how based support in the project's development stage to the related project team to enable a successful start and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the approach proposed.

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