Independent Engineering

A project can proceed with adequate financing. Costs occur in short term and benefits in long term while investing for a construction project. Considering financial needs of a large scale construction project, it is a requirement that financial lender would follow its investment nearly as close as project directorate. IPMS provides all project management functions to follow the project focusing lender's benefits.

An assessment to determine the project's suitability for a loan is made through development plans, possibility of incentives, possible risks, tax law etc.

Due diligence
A technical assessment of the EPC Contractor/Owner/Client is necessary to clarify the capability in terms of relevant experience especially in similar projects, availability of sub-contractors, personnel and machinery and equipment, contractual conditions of the project under concern.

Time/Cost Assessment
Targets of the project in terms of time and cost are examined thoroughly to determine the most realistic and suitable cash flow and loan.

The project's progress is followed with respect to specified targets. Variations from targets are examined and possible precautions to achieve assigned targets are presented when required.

Periodical Reporting
Following the project, a periodical report format is developed including general information about the project, its targets, physical progress and remaining duration, cash and cost realization and look ahead projections, labor usage, assessment of personnel, machinery and changes within specified period, contracts and visual documents.

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