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Valuable IPMS Employees, IPMS's Clients and all you who are visiting our web site,

Before deciding to establish IPMS in 2010 our first aim was to share our experience and know how in the CONSTRUCTION MARKET and PROJECT MANAGEMENT, exceeding 20 years with different companies and organizations.

What made us believe in this was, the self confidence and power we have gained from the past by successfully completing billions of USD worth projects ranging from highway to oil pipeline, from oil and gas stations and terminals to dams and HEPP's and buildings.

With the great trust bridge built, between IPMS and our clients, in 2011 we managed to sign contracts for projects like highway and pipeline in India and Abu Dhabi. The total Value of these projects is more than 500 million USD. As a result, after starting this business with 2 people we managed to widen and improve our staff to more than 15 people.

For this year 2012, our clear target is to improve our project portfolio and reach to a total project backlog worth of 1 billion USD. We targeted to get new highway projects, dam and HEPP projects and pipeline projects within this year.

In addition to the above target, our aim is to distribute our improving know-how and experience to companies who are willing to participate in projects especially in Turkey, India, UAE, West Asia and East Europe by forming new joint ventures. By doing so we would like to taste new successes within Turkey or all around the world with these new ventures.

Success is a word which can only be meaningful if there is a team behind it. As IPMS, I strongly believe that, we are FORMING A SINLE BODY with our employees, clients and whoever trusts us with an Engineer mind and face the glory of success all together and better than ever.

As a principle we serve our clients with upmost quality at international standards level but I can admit that when we come together we are PEERLESS on resolution of your problems.

Having SUCCESS stories behind us, we keep walking on our way with all who has TRUSTED us. We of course always try to deserve that trust given to us. From now on, as we plan to speed up to achieve our goals I must say that we must work harder and wiser than before and carry our success story to a further stage so that everyone should believe and actually see that, whoever is looking for success in Project Management, WE will be right there to make it real for them.

Yours Sincerely,
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